Best Crypto Wallets (Secure and User-friendly)
Best Crypto Wallets (Secure and User-friendly)

Crypto wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s simply a bridge between your assets and the DEXs and Blockchains.

Types of Crypto Wallets: Hot & Cold Wallets

Hot Wallet (Custodial)

  • Hot Wallets: Creates and store your private keys online – Desktop and mobile apps
  • The least secure way is the Exchanges – a huge target for hackers
  • If everyone tries to withdraw their coins, it will be enough

Cold Wallets (Non-custodial)

  • Cold Wallets (Hardware Wallets): Creates and store your Private Keys offline
  • Safest and most secure way for the long term
  • Like BC Vault, Ledger, Trezor
Top 5 Crypto Wallets

1. Exodus Wallet

  • Beginner Friendly – Amazing Interface
  • Free non-custodial software wallet
  • Support Computers and phones
  • Over 100 Cryptos and tokens
  • Built-in Crypto Exchange – But they will charge spread
  • Earn interest on your Crypto Holdings (Compound Finance)
  • 24/7 Support: live chat
  • Exodus is partner with Trezor – Security is Upgradeable
    • Enjoy all the benefits while your Coins are stored in a hardware wallet
  • Supports Different Crypto Apps
  • Way more secure than Most Hot wallets and exchanges
  • Gives control over your Private Key
  • QR Code supported which is good for shopping outside
  • Exodus Wallet Official Website:
Exodus Wallet

2A. Ledger Hardware Wallet

  • One of the best hardware wallets
  • Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S
  • Over 1000 Cryptos and Tokens
  • Supports Computer and phones (Ledger Live)
  • Ledger works with a lot of other platforms including Metamask
  • Nano S: 59$ and Nano X 119$
  • Main Cons
    • It’s not fully open source either
    • It’s pricy as well 
  • Ledger Wallet Official Website:
Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nono S Hardware Wallets

2B. Trezor Hardware Wallet

  • An affordable alternative to Nano X
  • Great mix of cost and security
  • Open source
  • Easier to setup than ledger
  • Trezor One 78$, Trezor T 165$
  • Supports over 1000 Coins
  • It’s close partner with Exodus
  • Trezor wallet does intergrade with Simple Stacking Wallet (Trust Wallet) also
  • Main Cons
    • Not supporting Mobile
    • Doesn’t support: XMR, XRP, and EOS
    • Kraken: Found a way of cracking into a trezor wallet  
  • Trezor Wallet Official Website:
Trezor Hardware Wallets

3. MetaMask Wallet

  • Can be used as the browser extension on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Browsers
  • It has smartphone app, but mostly used as the browser extension
  • Acts like the bridge between the Eth blockchain and Standard Browsers
  • It’s good for ETH, and ERC20 Tokens. Not good for storing lots of other coins
  • It’s directly linked with Coinbase, OpenSea, and some other platforms
  • Active Developers constantly updating it’s source code
  • It integrates with DEXs and ETH Based apps like OpenSea, Infinity, GITCoin, Uniswap, …
  • Easily take advantage of DeFi
  • Explore the Ether DApp ecosystemSupports other blockchains like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain
  • You can connect a Hardware Wallet like Ledger and Trezor
  • While downloding app be aware of Fake MetaMask Apps
  • MetaMask Official Website:
MetaMask Wallet

Coinomi Wallet

  • Mobile and Desktop versions
  • Supports over 1700 Assets and 125 Blockchains – The largest number of a non-custodial wallet can support
  • Easy to use interface
  • NO KYC, No IP Association, No identity link, no transaction tracking
  • The server will anonymize your requests by hiding your IP Address
  • Your Private Key is not stored on Coinomi Servers. Means you have full control over your crypto
  • Inbuilt exchanges, Cold staking, DeFi Support, NFT Support, …
  • Millions of active users
  • It has DApp Browser & Web3 Support
  • Supports ERC721 tokens
  • Supports blockchain domains (Crypto DNS)
  • Customer Support: Instant Live Chat within the App
  • Coinomi Wallet Official Website:
Coinomi Wallet

Trust Wallet

  • Trust DApp Browser which can interact with any Decentralized Application (Web3)
  • Playing crypto games (DApp Gaming)
  • Fully open source
  • Supports Staking for coins: Cake, Cosmos, Tron, Tezos
  • Binance use it as its official wallet after they acquired it in 2018 – Works closely with Binance DEX
  • Supports 40 Different Block chains over 160K Assets
  • Supports as NFTs (BEP721, BEP1155) on BSC, and ERC721, ERC1155 on Ethereum
  • Very handy for NFT Collectors
  • Built-in Crypto Exchange – Integrated with Uniswap
  • Directly connected with OpenSea or Rarible and you can view them in the wallet
  • Trust Wallet Website:
Trust Wallet

Few Tips regarding security and investing

  • — Don’t store coins on an exchange
  • — Don’t use Custodial Wallet for long-term: No private access, and you don’t control the coin
  • — If you must hold all your coins on Exchanges and hot wallets, then make sure to spread them across different platforms
  • — Always use Malware scanner to make sure your device is free of malwares
  • — Backup your seed words
  • — Make sure you download the official wallet for the app stores
  • — Don’t talk and show off your portfolio
  • What happens if someone get access to your Key Phrases or Private Key?
    • Simply he/she can go to any online wallet platforms like TrustWallet, Coinbase or any other platform
    • Instead of creating new wallet, he can say I have a wallet
    • Enters the key phrases and words, then he/she can transfer all your coins to another wallet



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