Cloud Computing Technology Trends
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Cloud Computing Technology Trends

Cloud Computing is something that is trending currently, many companies, banks, universities, and many organizations and NGOs are shifting their systems and infrastructures to Cloud Computing systems.

But why cloud?
Yes! Cloud, something which brought a lot of ease and comfort to today’s fast-growing market around the globe. Let’s imagine that you just want to shift the manual bureaucratic system of your company or organization to a computerized system, and still, you have no idea about cloud computing services. So, you will need to buy a server with high specifications in order to support your whole infrastructure and system; secondly, the monitoring and maintenance of your servers will require an expert team plus several backups for your power supply resources; thirdly, you have to deal with lots of Traffics on the internet; and the amount of data which is exponentially growing will require very high storage in your system.

Leading Cloud Services Providers

Cloud is simply a collection that has all the facilities mentioned above with thousands of services models. And there are hundreds of companies worldwide such as Amazon Web Service (ASW), Microsoft Azure, and Etc which provide Cloud Computing Services.

Is it really safe?
Is it fine to put everything you have into the cloud? How are the risks?
Migrating from the old version to Cloud Computing Technology is a better, cheaper, and more trustful option at the moment, or at least it looks like that. By shifting your system to the Cloud you are going to save lots of budget and time.
And about the security, it’s secure. If we consider a Local Company which has only configured few firewalls, WSA, and ESA to secure its Network and Infrastructure, on other hand, of course, Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure is much safer than that Local Infrastructure and System which requires a lot of time, budget, and energy to maintain that.


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