Network Security – Intech Online
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Network Security – Intech Online

Intech Online is an IT company based in the United Kingdom (UK). Intech has been established for many years and is constantly aiming at an unparalleled level of customer service & support. We provide support across IT, Cyber Security, Unified Communications, Networking, Computer Services, Web design, Cloud backup, Disaster recovery and business continuity, Web design, and CCTV. We are aware of how stressful it can be to encounter system problems, and how critically it can hamper your work. So at Intech, we provide quality services on IT Support and monitoring for your business as well as full-service & repairs where needed. You can explore more by visiting their website:

Recently, Intech Online faced some security issues with its internal and external network security. Since Intech Online and STech had previously completed several mutual projects successfully (A Completed Mutual Project), STech experts were asked to take care of the network security flaws.

Netgear BuildIn Firewall Setup

Our team did a profound security analysis to find out all the security vulnerabilities, test, and exploit those flaws to find out all the possible ways a MITM or a Script Kiddie can take advantage of. Then we have configured their NetGear Router which has a very strong built-in Firewall system to secure the network. Additionally, to assure 100% network security, we have created a DMZ zone using a pfSense server. Since then, their network is completely secure, fast, and reliable with several backup plans.

pfSense Server Configuration


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